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Defects Inspection Rates
Defects inspection rate- Ark Interior

What are the differences between the Comprehensive and Essential Package?

Essential Package:
Comprehensive Package:
  • Our team will conduct the 1st round of inspection to identify all the defects visible in the property.

  • They will then record the defects for the client's reference.

  • After that, there will be a 2nd round of inspection together with the client to review the defects before rectification.

  • Lastly, there will be a 3rd round (last) of inspection to discern for all the rectification.

  • There will be only 1 round of defects inspection done by our team. 

  • A recording of defects will be handed over to the client for future reference.

  • Our team will run through the defects and advice on the recommendations on rectification. 

For New Executive Condominium (EC) & Private Condominium:

For HDB BTO/SBF Flats:

For more enquiries regarding quote:

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