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Defects Inspection

Everlasting houses, everlasting future.

The Ark Interior Pte Ltd Defects Inspection Team are professionally trained by BCA to aid in spotting and rectifying defects so as to increase the longevity of your future house. Our goal is to ensure that your house is both aesthetically pleasing and imperishable for you and your loved ones.

Ark Interior Pte Ltd Defects Inspection Team

Rectifying defects is vital

Why is Defects Inspection important?

defect inspection singapore

The purpose of Defects Inspection is to check and repair any noticeable or hidden defects/inadequacy in the house. It is crucial that even the smallest defects are rectified as soon as you collect your keys so as to not waste your Defects Liability Period.

What happens if no Defects Inspection is done?

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Safety hazards will increase over time and it will deteriorate the condition of the house, putting anyone in the household in danger. If the defects are not repaired soon, it will worsen and may be costly to repair defects or worst-case scenario, making the defects unrepairable

Benefits of Defects Inspection

Save cost, safe future.

Defects inspections

Some defects can be quite costly to rectify in the future depending on the condition of the defect as some may deteriorate over time (for e.g. unknown short circuit, water damage, foundation issue). We assist in ensuring that all defects are cleared out and on your side, to assist you in being cost-efficient.

We worry more, so you worry less.

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We ensure that every single defect (from moulding to water damage) in your property is redressed thoroughly so that you spend less time worrying about the condition of your house and spend more time with your loved ones.

Defects in houses spotted by Ark Interior:

Defects inspections done in HDBs, Condominiums and Landed Properties.

Defects Inspection Team

To save cost on future repairs and maintain/increase longevity of houses, our team of professionals (trained by BCA) are able to step in and identify the defects that could potentially deteriorate the condition of your house so that you don't miss out on the blind spots.

What our Defects Inspection Team offers:
  • Unbiased data on the conditions of the current house.

  • Findings of hidden defects that house owners may not be wary of.

  • Better understanding of the house for owner’s current and future reference.

  • Receive professional advice on the condition of your house and what to look out for when planning ahead.

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